Welcome to the Cameron Valley Golf Club !

Enjoy the freedom to play golf Wherever and whenever you would like to - around the whole world

Briefly the most important

The main emphasis of the Cameron Valley Golf Club is to issue its members with a membership-certificate, in order that they can proof their golfing-abilities at various golf clubs worldwide.

Inexpensive golf membership

Additionally we offer you a membership in a registered and worldwide accepted golf club ata very modest yearly fee.

Membership card

As soon as your application and payment has been received, we shall send you your personal membership card with your full name, the validity-year and your playing abilities (current handicap). The card will be issued once a year.

Simple registration

A qualifying examination is not required. Usually within one week after we have received your application for membership, you will be in the possession of your membership card !

To play golf worldwide

Now if you are a handicap-golfer and also a member of the Cameron Valley Golf Club, then you may play golf at almost all golf courses worldwide.

Simply by showing your membership card when purchasing your greenfee ...

... and the world of golf is yours!

Werner H. Amstutz